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Would love to hear your thoughts on whether you think CVS Pharmacy is a great place to work at?

I do think CVS Pharmacy is a good place to kickstart a career. They have a wonderful motto of "GOT Heart", where each of the three letters represent important ways to make a person feel good about your workplace. G is for providing everyone with a friendly Greeting. Hearing "Hello" from a smiling...
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What are some tips for interviewing at CVS for a Pharmacy Technician position? How much should I study?

Always mention customer service no matter what position you apply for. You will wear many different hats at CVS Pharmacy and will need to remain alert, friendly, approachable, and well-informed. There were times that even my store's head manager had to work his fair share of cashier duties, so th...
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What skills can I leverage to be a good Pharmacy Tech at CVS?

The main skills needed for this position are great customer service, patience, being helpful, and being organized. It is so important to pay attention during training and always ask questions if you have them. Respect the policies and procedures of CVS while also respecting the customers. Remembe...
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Do CVS employees receive positive support from management?

Surprisingly, (and this is me being honest) depends on the store itself. I am considered a floater, I work for front and the Pharmacy for all CVS’s in Tucson, including the ones in Target stores as needed. When I transferred to the pharmacy from front store, I had very, very little help. I had to...
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Does CVS Pharmacy have a mentorship program of any kind?

From my experience as one of CVS Health's corporate summer interns, each of the corporate interns is assigned a mentor. One of my favorite things about the program was the way that they make it easy to make meaningful connections and network, and the mentorship program is a great way that they do...
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What's it like to work at CVS? Do they have a nice culture?

The culture is very fast paced and there is an expectation to be a relatively fast learner. A lot of the time you have to learn by doing on the job, which can be stressful if you're someone who likes to take time to understand before applying, but it's also the best way to learn in a pharmacy set...
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How can I turn my internship into a full-time offer as a Pharmacy Technician at CVS?

In order to turn this experience into a full-time or part-time position make sure you are showing the on-duty pharmacy supervisor and other team members that you are dependable. You show up on time meaning 10-15 minutes before your shift starts. You are not afraid to conquer unfamiliar tasks and ...
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What are some tips you guys have for someone interviewing for a cashier position at CVS?

There isn't really any key way of getting the job. Just be yourself and outgoing. Make it feel more like a conversation between interviewer and interviewee rather than an interrogation. Employers appreciate that, especially for CVS. One should also know that it does take awhile to actually start ...
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How is the work-life balance as a Pharmacy Technician for CVS?

Work-life balance really depends on the conversation you have with your manager. This job is very manageable if you have open communication with your manager regarding your schedule and hours! I was able to change my availability every semester to accommodate my needs based on classes and free ti...
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How does the average day go for a Pharmacy Technician at CVS? What are the responsibilities of a person working in this role?

The day typically looks like being tentatively assigned to a couple out of four stations: drop-off, drive-thru, pick-up, and production. Drop-off is where patients come in and drop their medications off that have been written out, and we type them up and add their insurance. Drive-thru is exactly...
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What does it take to be a good employee at CVS?

To succeed at CVS, you need to be able to handle your emotions. During the busy times you may feel as though you don't have time to breathe, let alone all the other tasks on your plate. That is why you need good time management, as well as, the ability to know what is more important than what bec...
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Do CVS pharmacy technicians receive any kind of training?

You're required to constantly complete new trainings. The initial training program consists of hands-on training (drop off, pick up, production, etc.) as well as online courses about company policies and safety regarding handling medication and patient information.
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What's the rough compensation for a cashier at CVS?

Around $9.50 per h/r
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Is it very demanding to be a cash register associate at CVS? How does it compare to other summer jobs you've had?

There is a lot of demand in the Cashiering position. I worked there when the recession was happening and so it is possible that there was a higher demand at the time. As I went through the process working at CVS, I had a lot of responsibility and it was a very demanding job. People were wanting t...
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How's an average day structured for a Pharmacy Tech at CVS?

It’s pretty demanding (like every job is of course), I’d wake up around 7:00 a.m. leave my house by 7:15 a.m. (most days), and then get to CVS by 8:00 a.m. my shifts started from then, till 8 p.m. It got extremely busy around noon to about 3 p.m. Then it picks back up in the evening. It’s really...
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What are some tips when going in for an interview at CVS for a Supervisor position?

Friendliness and patience are key qualities of working at CVS in general. Being in customer service can be a difficult task at times and being able to handle all types of customers is essential. If you are aiming toward a management position, attention to detail and organizational skills along wi...
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If you work as a manager at CVS, how would you say your role helps to move the company forward?

As a management team member, my contribution was merely efficient to acheive daily goals of the company. Each management team member holds a specific daily routine according to their shift. Every action they take effects the mission. CVS Health’s prime goal is to “help people on their path to a b...
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What is the going salary for a Pharmacy Technician at CVS Pharmacy? Is this competitive given industry standards?

Just recently, pharmacy technicians at CVS will start at a rate of $11/hr. Full time employees do receive vacation and sick time. Holidays worked are time and a half. With raises every year in an amount depending on supervisor review. Full time employees also have the option to get insurance thro...
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As a Microbiology Laboratory Technician at CVS, how much ownership should I expect over my work?

As a Microbiology Technician I at CVS Health, the majority of the ownership is on myself. Thought they train for the basic skills needed for the job, I have to be able to work efficiently, and correctly, throughout my shift. Focusing on laboratory skills, I need to be able to explain what I did a...
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What is the compensation for a Microbiology Laboratory Technician at CVS?

The average compensation for a Microbiology Laboratory Technician I ranges from $16-$22 per hour in the Chicagoland area.
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